• Remembering Richmond (82 X 57cm, acrylic & mixed media on paper, 2015)
  • Country (72 X 53cm, acrylic & mixed media on paper, 2015)
  • Driving (40 x 27cm, acrylic & mixed media on paper, 2017)
  • 'Old Friends' (?cm, acrylic on paper, 2017)
  • Lemon Syllabub (74 x 54cm, acrylic and mixed media on paper, 2016)

Sue McQueen is a painter and printmaker who lives and works in London.

She is inspired by landscape and aspects of nature while exploring imaginative and playful reflections on the notion of ‘home’.

She often works in layers which help create a rambling and dreamlike quality where the viewer is being invited to look beyond the image.

She writes poetry and is also a community artist where she provides painting and printmaking workshops for older people, including those who live with Alzheimer's and Dementia.

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